Is Boogie Shoes coming to your Centre?


Join us for an action-packed adventure around the world! 

Each week, we'll hop aboard the Boogie Express and fly across the seas to explore a new destination. We'll tap into our imaginations, make music, dance, play games, read stories, dress up, learn new languages and make discoveries about other cultures.


Engaging class themes 

We'll search for wild animals on safari, dance the Zorba in Santorini, learn to Samba at Carnival, sail our boats over Lake Baikal in Russia, shake our Maracas in Mexico, do some hip-hop in New York, play finger cymbals in Egypt, swing our Poi in New Zealand and dance like dragons in Hong Kong. 


Wonderful props

The children will explore loads of exciting props including; rhythm sticks, finger cymbals, puppets, dress ups, books, scarves, rainbow ribbons, a parachute, origami, snowballs, poi, fans and more!


We'll celebrate your Child's achievements

Our instructors give lots of positive feedback and praise during the lesson, ensuring that children feel a sense of achievement. Students will also be rewarded with a stamp at the end of each session, for all their hard work.

Imagine the feeling when your Child excitedly runs up to you at the end of the day to show off their stamp and tell you all about their Boogie Shoes adventure.

Easy one off payment

There's no expensive uniforms, enrolment fees, costumes or concert tickets. Our program is an easy one off payment of $10 per class. No hidden costs!

What are Parents saying about our program?

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A massive thank you for a truly brilliant dance program!!! Grace has absolutely loved this program and I am delighted she was able to be a part of it. Your effort and skill going into this program is outstanding. I have also loved the weekly emails providing a run down on each lesson. A fantastic touch. Thanks again for your hard work and wonderful teaching.

Danielle Eades Grace's Mum

Flynn loved your Multicultural Program and I loved receiving the weekly emails from you explaining the dances and activities he engaged in for the week. Your info packs helped me continue the conversation at home. We’re sad the program has come to an end and send a big thank-you for the fun and stamps! Hope you come back to soon. 

Lauren Batty Flynn's Mum
Miss Renae is absolutely fantastic!!! I cannot speak highly enough of how wonderful she is with the children. My daughter cannot get enough of Boogie Shoes. Renae makes the kids feel welcome, supported and comfortable. She is so creative with her classes and the kids have a blast. Thank you so much for your incredible skills in dance and teaching young children.
Brigitte Towers Dallas' Mum

Thank you Renae, Imogen loved the classes and we keep our fingers crossed that the centre will decide to proceed with the next installment of ‘Superheroes, dragons and fairytales’.

Alex Banister Imogen's Mum

Miss Renae is absolutely fantastic with the little ones. My 3 year old is a quiet, shy and timid little thing but Renae has helped her grow in confidence immensely. Cannot recommend her enough. The best activity we have done for our daughter.

Amanda Gruchot Chelsea's Mum

Xavier had a fantastic time doing Boogie Shoes. He really loves to wiggle and move when the music comes on since starting your program!

Shayley Ennis Xaviers Mum


Enrol your child today! It's as easy as 1,2,3..


1. Get an enrolment envelope from your childcare centre


2. Sign the form and make payment

(cash, bank deposit or cheque)


3. Return the completed form to your childcare centre


How will my child benefit from the program? 

There are so many opportunities for Children to develop physically, emotionally, cognitively & creatively throughout this play based program. Each activity/dance/game is designed to engage and delight young minds. Not only are our classes super fun, the Children will learn about themselves, their friends, their community and the world they live in. 


Isn't dancing just for girls? 

This is a common misconception about dance! In fact, many footballers and male athletes take dance classes to assist with their skills. Dance is a fantastic sport for both boys and girls. Engaging in dance helps to strengthen our bodies and gain balance, co-ordination, flexibility and gross motor skills. It's an opportunity for self-expression, and to build confidence. It also assists with the development of memory skills and concentration. 


But my child already goes to dance classes..

That's fantastic! Our programs complement extracurricular activities. Children will have the opportunity to practise skills they have been working on in their classes as well as learning new styles of dance such as Samba, Hip Hop, Ballet, Greek, African, Bollywood & more. Our programs also go way beyond dance. Children learn about the world and all the diverse cultures living in their community.


Shouldn't the Educators provide this type of activity included in the daily fee? 

Part of an Educator's role is to create engaging learning experiences and embed physical activity into their programs. They do an amazing job at this, however they are not qualified dance teachers. Boogie Shoes specialises in this area! Founder- Renae Bonett, has over 15 years of experience teaching dance to young children from all over the world as well as experience working in an Early Childhood Centre. Our resource library is huge, with hundreds of songs, books, instruments and props from all over the world.


Can my child join in half way through the program? 

Of course! If your child wishes to join in half way through the program that is no problem. Contact Boogie Shoes to find out how many classes are left and we will send you an invoice.

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